Pippa Middleton Dresses Like A Nun

Posted on: December 19, 2011

Why was Pippa Middleton spotted dressed like a nun? It wasn’t Halloween and she wasn’t going to a costume party. The only thing missing from the outfit that looks like it came directly from a convent closet is the veil. Is Pippa considering taking some holy vows?

According to a report from SFLuxe, Kate Middleton’s sister always looks stylish and very pretty. That’s why the bad take on a habit seemed rather out of the norm for Pippa.   Lovely Pippa wore a black dress with a white Peter Pan collar and white trim on the sleeves. Now the dress alone might have been okay if paired with different accessories and shoes. However, Pippa paired it with black tights, flat black shoes, a black laptop case, and a black handbag. Even her sunglasses were black. It truly appeared as though she had either become a nun or was in the throes of heavy mourning.

You can take a look at Pippa Middleton’s nun-like attire by clicking here.

What might you have done differently to keep Pippa’s dress from resembling a nun’s. Would you have complemented the look with a bit of color? Some heels instead of plain old flats? Would you perhaps have carried a vibrant bag or maybe topped the look with a red or orange jacket or cardigan?

Regardless of what you might have done, it’s plain to see what Pippa Middleton didn’t do. The Duchess of Cambridge’s sister looked even more reserved than Queen Elizabeth herself.

Pippa has aced nearly every test she’s taken in the fashion world, but this one gets an epic fail. Her nun dress was evidence of a really bad dress day. (Something like a really bad hair day, but worse!) Hopefully this black nun-like attire won’t become a bad habit.


Photo Source: Facebook


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