Reena Hammer: Hammer Time

Posted on: May 31, 2011

The Evening Standard Magazine,
August 4th edition.

Updated by Reporter Smith:  March 1, 2011

Reena Hammer Dumps Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and Brags about it

Reena Hammer is Entitled, Agressive, and Has a New Boyfriend

Renna Hammmer seems to have everything sewn up.  Her mother is make-up artist Ruby Hammer, of cosmetics brand Ruby & Millie,which has a turnover of 5 million a year, and her father is George Hammer,millionaire businessman and owner of Harrods’ luxury spa Urban Retreat andthe original UK distributor of Aveda–which means free grooming on tap.
And to top it off, there’s the besotted boyfriend of six years, Irish actor and hollywood hearthrob Jonathan Rhys Meyers, 33.
Petit (5ft 2in) with black wavy hair and total self assurance, Renna is studying English and Latin at King’s College, London. We meet at The Westbury hotel over cocktails, and because this is the second interview with Reena for us, I asked about her life.
‘I can go to a premiere in London and the next morning be at work at Urban Retreat by 9am,’ she says breezily. ‘It’s bizarre to think I was meeting Mr. Right last night, and wearing one of my  Versace gowns, and now I’m sitting in Te Westbury hotel having cocktails again with you.’  It has been years since the first interview from Hammer but this time things are different.
She has a huge wheelie suitcase in tow as, straight after the interview, she’s off to New York where her new boyfriend is launching a business, a Forbes List Entrepreneur that she refuses to name but will call him “sexy boyfriend” for the next five sentences. ‘He’s lovely, successful, young, and extremely sexy,’ she says smugly.  “We travel and he is three years older than me, but I notice the women looking at him because he is sexy.  I found him sexy from the day we met.  He is one sexy man.”

In August, Reena and I discussed her previous boyfriend:  Jonathan Rhys Meyers.  She claims she broke up with him and she is happy.  Even so, I inquired about this infamous break-up between Hammer and Meyers.
Reena met Johnny in 2004 at the restaurant Momo off Regent Street.  We talked about the infamous relationship in our last interview.  This time, Reena sets the record straight.
‘He was shooting Match Point and I  was there with one of my friends. I clocked him and said, “I’m going to have that.”  Three months later, he’d moved into My flat in Camden, near my father’s and I wasted over six years with him.  When I said, “I’ll f****g kill you over the scene where he was rubbing baby oil into Scarlett’s back, I was a jealous and angry.  I am not the same person I was when we were together, and I grew up.  I broke up with him because of the physical abuse, substance abuse (especially Cocaine), and Johny has homosexual tendencies.  There’s an age gap between us [over nine years] but he’s quite young in some ways and I’m grown-up for my age. He didn’t know how to change bed sheets when I met him and I don’t stand for things like that, so he definitely will never grow up. I always told people that we would make it work, but I blame Johnny and his Mum for most of his problems. Johnny is poor bloke, and he has not come to terms with his sexual preferences.  Speaking of sex, it was the worst sex I’ve ever had in my life!”

Upon ordering another cocktail, Reena switches the subject to Mother’s Day, “I am lucky to have a great Mum, and we been close, although we may have different opinions, we make sure everything meets our approval. I get a protectiveover my mum and my new sexy boyfriend.’

An only child, Reena grew up in a flat near Baker Street. Her mother Ruby is of Bangladeshi descent but moved to Britain when she was 12, and her father George is English/Polish. When Reena was ten, Ruby and George split up. She moved to Little Venice with her mother, while her father lived in Camden in the flat where Reena and Johnny now live; George lives in Mayfair.
‘Everything I remember about my family while I was growing up was great, and it was a bit of a shock to me that they split up. I heard fights and I didn’t know what was going on. My mum was devastated after the break-up and wanted to talk about it all the time. I lived with her for about two years afterwards but it got to a point when I was 12 thatI realised I needed to look after myself. So I moved to my dad’s–which was very hard for my mum as she was left completely on her own, but I needed to be in an environment where I wouldn’t be reminded of the break-up every day.’
George is now remarried, to Nemri, a houswife from Lebanon, and Ruby has a Husband, Martin Kuczmarski, who is Italian/Polish and designs concepts for hotels including One Aldwych and Carlisle bay in Antigua, where Ruby met him.
‘Johnny was at the wedding because we were still together then.  Mum looked beautiful in her wedding gown.  Martin is adorable, he’s part of the family now.  Since the break-up with Johnny, everyone is better off,’ says Reena.  My dad has taught me to be very business-minded and I’ve become successful Creative Director and good at many things.
Reena describes herself as “such a jet-setter” and now I can go out to clubs, but I prefer to cook for friends in my open-pln flat. ‘I was considering replacing my Fendi sofa yesterday.”  London is not the place she wants to reside, mainly because of her romance that she has kept hidden from the public eye.  “I’m in love, and I met him when Johnny was filming.  He was the sexiest man in the room and we fell in love.  I was apprehensive about telling Johnny the truth because of his anger management issues, drug problems, and I did not want him to beat me up.”  The reason is  there were many fights with Johnny.  I finally want the world to know that I have grown up and I am not defending domestic violence.” The Mirror ran a story saying that Johnny had been arrested and cautioned for assaulting Reena at their flat, on the night of the premiere of Alexander (in which he starred with Colin Farrell).

According to a source from JRM, he claims she beat him up.  Also, he claims that he ended the relationship, not her.  I asked Reena about these accusations.

‘That is absolute nonsense, absolute and complete rubbish, everyone knows Johnny has Rehab stints and he is physically abusive to me, and everyone also knows I ended the relationship, NOT him,’ says Reena, exploding with laughter.  Reena certainly knows her own mind.
Reena had two years left at King’s College during our last interview and now she has a Degree in Latin.  She still confirms that she is not wildly keen to take on either of her parents’ businesses, she toys with the ideas of wanting to start up a fashion label or write a book.  “I think it is time that I write a book and design clothes.”
‘To be successful and to earn good money from what you do, you need to love it, so I’m thinking about what avenue to take.  Johnny loves me but the feeling is not mutual.  He is extremely immature and has suicidal tendencies as well.  That is one avenue I will not take.’
Literally oozing with self-confidence, it’s unlikely that Reena will stand for any obstacles. She has aged since the last interview,  but she’s an iron clad woman by any standards.


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